Being a part of the Bangalore .Net User Group for the past 4+ years, and having attended quite a good number of sessions, I always wanted to get onto the stage and deliver a session and that happened just right this day (June 27, 2015). I was so humbled and excited with the opportunity provided to deliver a session on “Getting Started with Ionic

       Ionic is an open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. I got a chance to start exploring about Ionic 6 months back and I must say, the adoption for this framework is ever increasing since then. The features set addition which Ionic team is working on is really commendable. Ionic is definitely one such framework which really really cares about hybrid mobile app developers. Ionic, initially started with more focus on delivering a front end SDK which would benefit hybrid mobile app developers. But, currently they have started building a platform (Ionic Push, Ionic Deploy, Ionic Analytics – still in alpha though, as I write this post) which makes Ionic a powerful ecosystem for all hybrid mobile app development.

       I had planned the session with a small presentation about What is Ionic, Why is Ionic required, what all it offers and how does the application architecture look like with Ionic. The presentation deck is available in this Slideshare link. To get into more details about Ionic, you can have a look at the slides which they have hosted in their site ( I had also created a small mobile application using Ionic to demonstrate some of the JS/CSS components offered by Ionic. I would try my best to maintain this application in future with more and more additions as and when new things are added in Ionic. The application is available in this Github repo. I have also written two blog posts earlier on Getting started with Ionic-Part 1 & Part 2 which gives a good start for anyone to start with Ionic.

     I would like to take a moment to thank the B.Net admin team especially Lohith for accepting my talk proposal immediately and providing me this opportunity. Looking forward for more learning and sharing. 🙂