Xamarin Dev Days is a global event that happens across the globe in multiple cities. This event comprises introductory sessions on Xamarin, Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Forms + Azure during the morning session and then hands on lab post lunch. Due to the popular demand for the event, we as a part of XHackers group organised it in Bangalore again on October 1. The first time we conducted this event was on August 20. Refer to my previous post on the same.

In this event I did

  1. A session on “Native iOS/Android applications using C# and Xamarin“. This was more of an Intro to Xamarin session, for anyone to get started with.
  2. Hands on lab in which I walked through the attendees in creating their first Xamarin.Forms app that connects to the Azure backend.

Links for the content presented in the event :

Slide decks : http://www.slideshare.net/svswaminathan/xamarin-dev-days-intro-to-xamarin

Code samples of Demo app : https://github.com/svswaminathan/xamarin-dev-days-locator

Code samples of Hands on Lab : https://github.com/xamarin/dev-days-labs/tree/master/HandsOnLab 

Overall we had a good turn out of around 70 people and it was great to see the energy and enthusiasm the audience carried forward all through the day.