Yet another great start for Bdotnet user group this new year with a meet up on one of the most popular topics these days – Angular 2.  Below was the agenda for the event.


I presented a talk on how angular 2 can be used to build hybrid mobile apps. Below are the topics I had touched upon in my session

  1. Introduction to Hybrid mobile app development
  2. Introduction to Ionic framework
  3. Why Ionic and What it offers for developers ?
  4. Getting started with Ionic v2
  5. Brief walkthrough of Ionic CLI
  6. Understanding the Ionic v2 project structure
  7. Brief walkthrough of Ionic components
  8. Adding new pages and providers using Ionic CLI
  9. Exploring different Ionic icons
  10. Testing the app in a mobile device using Ionic View

Using Ionic v2, I had built a small demo app. The codebase is available in github at

The Application Screen flows are shown below :


Though we had about 300+ registrations, we had close to only 55 attendees at the venue. The audience were very interactive and we had a lot of healthy discussions on Ionic, Angular 2, TypeScript etc., Overall, I had a super awesome time again with the technical community 🙂