Happy New Year!!!

Kickstarted this New Year with a Bdotnet community event on the very first weekend of the year (Jan 5, 2019) by organizing Azure DevOps BootCamp. As a part of this bootcamp, we had planned for a half day event with the below agenda

  1. Introduction to Azure DevOps – Swaminathan Vetri
  2. DevOps & Containers – Girish Goudar

I took up the first session to Introduce DevOps and Azure DevOps to the community. Below are some of the high level topics that were discussed during my session.

  1. Introduction to DevOps
  2. What is Azure DevOps ?
  3. How different it is from Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) ?
  4. Overview of the various offerings from Azure DevOps
    1. Azure Boards
    2. Azure Repos
    3. Azure Pipelines
    4. Azure Test Plans
    5. Azure Artifacts
  5. Demos
    1. New Azure DevOps portal walkthrough
    2. Azure Boards + GitHub integration
    3. Setting up CI/CD for a project hosted in GitHub using Pipeline as a Code (azure-pipelines.yml)
    4. Editing azure-pipelines.yml using Visual Studio Code extensions

Below are the links for reference:

We had about 85 enthusiastic participants who were very interactive throughout the event. Looking forward for more such interesting topics and events in 2019.