This post is about my take away from the Bdotnet UG meet. The weekend started with a wonderful meet organized by Bdotnet at Microsoft Signature Building, EGL, Domlur. For me this is the first time attending such a house full session :-). The session started with a few quick tips on command line utilities by Vinod M(SQL). He explained in brief about 3 commands

  1. powercfg – which has a lot of options for power and system management
  2. robocopy – which does copy in a multi threaded fashion enabling a faster copy for a large amount of data
  3. typeperf – which displays/generates reports for various perf counters set for the system.

Following that, was a quick start guide on setting up windows 8 and developing windows 8 apps using VS 2012 and Expression Blend by Vic Parmar. He demonstrated the use of Windows USB/DVD Download tool which helps in creating bootable image of Win 8 in usb/dvd. Also, shown the power of WPI- Web Platform Installer. This powerful tiny tool is very handy to identify and install the required software for the system. Next was a demo on the Expression Blend which helps the developer to perform a role of a UI designer. He also explained some cool concepts and features of Blend and VS 2012.

The concluding session was from Ranju (The Shortcuts Guru- who amused us by playing around with keyboard and built a quick application in VS 2012) His session was about building a compatible web application with HTML5, CSS3 and ES5. He showed a few demos on using developer mode available in Internet explorer to test the compatibility of the web application one develops. Also, he emphasized on the use of modernizr and poly fills in the html5 application to achieve the nearest equivalent output in the browsers which doesn’t support HTML5.

All in all it was completely an informative and very useful session. Along with the knowledge sharing, this time we had a lot of data sharing as well 🙂 Yeah, Win 8 RTM and VS 2012 ISO’s were re-distributed to all those who had carried a removable disk with them!!!(My bad I missed to take mine :|) Hoping to be a active participant in this journey to learn and share more 🙂