Finished yet another successful UG meet at Bdotnet today (16/07/2016). For the first time we conducted this UG meet – outside of Microsoft premises -at Apptus Software’s campus  and I got an opportunity to deliver a session on VS TACO tools along with Lohith. The event was planned to have sessions on the following topics

  1. Introduction to Azure App service – by Murugan
  2. Introduction to Azure DevTest Labs – by Pooran
  3. Be a productive hybrid app developer using VS TACO tools – by Lohith and Me


Lohith, started the session with an overview of Hybrid app development and explained in detail about the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova using VS 2015. He demonstrated about the following from within Visual Studio 2015.

  1. Creating a new Apache Cordova application from VS templates
  2. Adding plugins
  3. Modifying the application metadata in config.xml
  4. Debugging and running the application  on the android device
  5. Simulating the app on Ripple

I had planned the session to showcase the other set of tools available as a part of VS TACO the TACO CLI and the VS Cordova Tools for VS Code. Demonstrated the below set of things using TACO-CLI

  1. Create a blank new application using taco-cli
  2. Create using existing application’s assets
  3. Create from a template available in git
  4. Running the app on emulator, device
  5. Livereload of app on emulator and device

The second part of the demos included:

  1. Quick tour of VS Code & its features
  2. Quick walkthrough of the features of Cordova tools extension for VS Code
  3. Debugging hybrid app running on emulator & device
  4. Simulating the app on browser
  5. Mocking plugin calls, testing the app on different view ports

Overall, we had a good turnout of about 30 people on a Saturday afternoon. I believe the audience enjoyed the event and took back some learning with them 🙂