Great start for the weekend with another user group meet from Bdotnet. In this meet, I got an opportunity to present a session on “EF for Cross platform apps”.


I had planned the session to cover the basics of Entity Framework Core 1.0 in the session. Below is the gist of what was covered

  1. What is EF Core ?
  2. Why EF Core ?
  3. What it offers ?
  4. How it is different from EF 6.x ?
  5. How can we utilize EF Core for cross platform dotnet apps ?

Followed by the presentation was a demo on below things.

  1. Getting started with dotnet core on Mac
  2. Scaffolding a basic console app on Mac using dotnet cli
  3. Scaffolding a basic ASP.Net core MVC app using dotnet cli
  4. Scaffolding a basic ASP.Net Core Web API app using dotnet cli and yeoman
  5. Using EF Core in a console app
  6. Using EF Core in a web api app that uses SQLite provider

The slides used in the session are uploaded to SlideShare and sample aspnet core web api using Sqlite provider is available in github

Due to some last minute changes, the session on “Intro to Azure Machine learning” wasn’t done. The other two sessions for the event were on “Intro to ES 2015” and “Using KendoUI in  ASP.Net Core app“. Overall we had around 60+ people who attended the session. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed and learnt something new today 🙂