Bdotnet user group in association with Microsoft organized the dotnetConf local event  – which is an in person event of the virtual event dotnetConf in Bengaluru – today (Sep 24, 2016). I got an opportunity to deliver a talk on Deploying .net core apps using Docker containers.


Docker containers are definitely the buzzwords these days 🙂 Since the containers are mostly used for running linux based images (as of this writing though Microsoft is working on shipping windows based containers, not sure when that’s going to be fully available), until dotnet core was available, we never had an opportunity to explore the containers at all. Now that we have dot net core in place, which is a truly cross platform framework, thought of exploring dot net core with Docker containers. Below are the high level stuffs that were covered in the session.

  1. Basics of container technologies
  2. Getting started with Docker for Windows
  3. Docker Vocabulary
  4. Docker Architecture
  5. Demos of various commonly used Docker commands
  6. Demo of Building .net core images for Docker containers
  7. Using Docker-Compose to orchestrate the docker build and running the container
  8. Using Docker tools for Visual studio
  9. Using Docker tools for Visual Studio Code
  10. Glimpse of CI/CD with VSTS & Azure Container Service

The session was a highly interactive one, as this was the first time we had Docker topic in Bdotnet, the audience were super enthusiastic in bombarding me with a lot of questions!!

The slide deck I used in the session is available at –

The other topics for the event were :

  1. The Future of C# – Nish Anil
  2. Building Real Websites using ASP.Net Core – Vic Parmar
  3. Building Secure Web API using ASP.Net Core – Rahul Sahay
  4. Xamarin.Forms – Do more with less – Anubhav Ranjan
  5. Modernizing ASP.Net Web Forms with VS 2015 – Lohith GN

We had a full day event and had a good turn up of around 100 people. I believe everyone learnt something new and enjoyed the sessions as I did 🙂