Past two days have been overwhelmingly overloaded with mobile development awesomeness. Thanks to the organizers of Mobile Developer Summit, SaltMarch media who managed very well to pull up an event at this scale. This is the third year I am attending MODS and thankfully, this year I got an opportunity to deliver a talk.

I had planned for a session based on my favorite topic Ionic framework. Ionic is a super cool open source framework, which is built on top of Angular JS for developing hybrid apps – that looks and performs like a native app – and Progressive Web Apps. I have been exploring Ionic for more than a year now and I must say the way the framework has taken off is truly amazing. I have structured my talk in such a way to provide a glimpse of the various offerings that Ionic offers. How one can leverage the Ionic eco system to transform an idea to a working application. Below are the high level topics that were covered at the session:

  1. Ionic Creator – Prototyping tool for quickly creating UI layouts
  2. Ionic playground – REPL to learn and play around with Ionic, with live preview
  3. Ionic CLI – A powerful Command line interface to command the entire development
  4. Ionic JS components – Angular directives based UI components
  5. Ionic CSS components – CSS components
  6. Ion icons – Rich icon set containing most of the commonly used icons
  7. Ionic View – For beta distribution/testing of the application
  8. ngCordova/Ionic Native – Angular based wrapper for core cordova plugins

I also had created a demo app for the MODS event to keep track of the sessions, speakers, managing the favorite sessions, etc., Managed to showcase a live demo of building a couple of screens on stage. I also demonstrated another app to showcase, how easily one can leverage touch id of the iPhone in his app to authenticate the user. Below are the links for the source code of the applications and the presentation.

  1. MODS conference app –
  2. Touch ID + Ionic –
  3. Presentation deck –

The app that was demo’ed is given below for quick reference:

Fig 1.0 Favorites tab
Fig 1.1 Sessions tab
Fig 1.2 Speakers tab
Fig 1.3 Sponsors tab


Though my session was scheduled as the last session on last day of the event, audience were enthusiastic enough to stay back even after the stipulated session time and had great interactions with them. Hope everyone enjoyed the session as I did 🙂 Definitely a great experience to present at a conference of this scale ! Super happy and excited to do more of these!!!