Great start to another weekend with an user group meet at bdotnet. This month’s meet was dedicated to docker technologies. We had planned for two sessions, one on “Intro to docker” by Docker Captain Neependra Khara and other was on “Docker for .net apps” by me. This was a second session for me on Docker, the previous one was at the dotnetConf.local event.


I had planned for an all demo session showcasing the below set of topics :

  1. Building docker images for aspnet core apps
  2. Using microsoft/aspnetcore-build images to ease out the build/test/deploy process
  3. Orchestrating multi service aspnet core app using docker-compose
  4. Using Docker tools for VS 2015 to debug and deploy applications to docker containers
  5. Using generator-docker yeoman package and docker extension for VS Code to debug and deploy applications to docker containers


We had about 30+ highly interactive attendees for the sessions and I believe everyone learned and enjoyed the sessions as I did 🙂