Another great start for the weekend with another interesting meetup. This time the topic was on “Continuous Integration/Delivery of core apps using Docker“. CI/CD, Asp.Net core and Docker are the most commonly found jargons in any of the developer events these days :). So, I thought of presenting a session stitching them all together. I delivered this session as a part of the dotnet Bangalore Meetup


I had planned this session in a such a way to briefly touch upon the below set of things

  1. What is CI/CD ?
  2. What is Docker ?
  3. Getting started with ASP.Net Core apps on Mac
  4. Orchestrating multi container application using Docker-Compose
  5. How to build Docker images for core applications ?
  6. What are the different ways of doing CI/CD for containerized apps ?
  7. Brief walkthrough on VSTS Builds for automating the dotnet core & docker builds, publishing to Azure container registry, deploying to Azure Container Service

The slide deck used in the presentation is available at:

The sample code used for docker-compose demo is available at:

Overall, we had about 50+ enthusiastic attendees who were present for the meetup. We had other set of interesting line up of talks as well. I believe the audience enjoyed all the sessions as much as I did!!!