After a short break of about 2 months, I have resumed the community activities in this April. This time, we as a part of BDotNet celebrated the 20th anniversary of Visual Studio with the Community Launch of Visual Studio 2017. It was a full day event with about 6 different topics all focusing primarily on Visual Studio 2017. We had about 100 tech enthusiasts attending the event. I chose the topic related to Docker + ACS (Azure Container Service) deployments using Visual Studio 2017. If you are not much familiar with Docker and Asp.Net core, you can refer to my earlier blog posts for the same.

I covered the below topics in my session

  1. Getting started with Docker, Docker Fundamentals
  2. Debugging and running core apps running in linux containers using VS 2017
  3. Debugging and running multi container app running in linux containers using VS 2017
  4. Debugging and running Windows Web Forms app running in Windows container using VS 2017

Since this event was more of in-person version of the VS 2017 Launch event that happened earlier on March 7, 2017, the content that was used was already present for on-demand viewing in Channel9. Below are the videos that can help you get up to speed with Docker workflows with VS 2017.

Getting started with .Net and Docker

.NET Docker development with Visual Studio

Deploying Containers to Azure App Services and Azure Container Service

Some pics from the event are available at : VS 2017 Launch @ BDotNet