Great start to the weekend with another edition of Xamarin meetup. Today as a part of Xhackers we conducted Xamarin Dev Days – a full day event with focused sessions on Xamarin. The agenda of the event was as follows:

  1. Introduction to Xamarin
    • What is Xamarin ?
    • Why Xamarin ?
    • What it offers ?
    • Building Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS apps
  2. Introduction to Xamarin.Forms 
    • What is Xamarin.Forms?
    • What it offers ?
    • Getting started with Forms
  3. Connected & Disconnected apps using Xamarin and Azure
    • Using Azure Mobile apps as backend for Xamarin Apps and building cloud connected apps
  4. What’s new in Xamarin from //build 2017 ?
    • Cool demos from the latest additions to Xamarin which were announced in //build 2017
  5. Hands on Labs
    • Participants get to work on a new Xamarin Forms app connected to Azure

I took up the topic of “Connected apps using Xamarin + Azure” and touched upon the below topics:

  1. Why a mobile backend is required ?
  2. What are the options for mobile backend ?
  3. What is Azure Mobile apps ?
  4. What are the some of the most commonly used Azure mobile apps offerings ? – Offline/online sync, Push notifications, Authentication etc.,
  5. Demo’ed a basic ToDo App with offline/online sync to Azure

The presentation slides and the sample code base are available at

Photos from the event are available at : Xhackers Facebook album

Overall, we had about 50 participants who were very interactive and kept up momentum from beginning till end 🙂