Global Azure BootCamp is an annual event organized by various communities across the globe to bootstrap developers and get them on board with Azure. This year’s event in Bangalore was organized by multiple user groups viz., BDotNet, Bengaluru Azure User group, aOS, BITPro and was powered by ABB. For the first time for this year in Bengaluru, this event was organized as a multi track event with the below tracks

  1. Web/Mobile
  2. Open Source
  3. ITPro/DevOps
  4. Data/AI/ML
  5. Business/Office/SharePoint/Security

Each of these tracks encompassed different sessions covering the various Azure offerings that pertains to that track. I was privileged enough to deliver a talk under Open Source track on “Embracing Open Tools for Azure Development

Open Source Track Agenda

Some of the open source tools I covered in my session are:

I had planned the session to be fully demo focused and I managed to showcase the below demos during the 50 min session.

  1. Whirlwind tour of the basic features of VS Code, touched upon the core capabilities like language support, debugging support, version control support and extension abilities of VS Code
  2. Tour of Azure Extension Pack for VS Code which installs various extensions like App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB explorer etc., which makes it easy to work with Azure services.
  3. Create a new core app using dotnet cli on a mac
  4. Deploy the core app to Azure App Service using Azure App Service  extension for VS Code
  5. Live streaming the logs from Application running under Azure App Service into VS Code
  6. Dockerize the core application using Docker Tools for VS Code
  7. Tour of the various features of Azure CLI 2.0
  8. Running Azure CLI commands using Azure CLI Tools for VS Code as a scrapbook
  9. Setting up CI/CD for aspnet core web application hosted in GitHub using Azure CLI Tools in VS Code
  10. Deploying core application to Azure Container Instance using Azure CLI Tools in VS Code

I also received a memento as a token of appreciation of my talk from the major sponsor ABB.


Overall my session was well received by about 75+ attendees. The entire event had about 250+ participants across all the tracks.