//build is an annual developer conference from Microsoft where a lot of awesome developer focused announcements would happen. This year’s event took place between May 7th and 9th of 2018. As a part of BDotNet community events, we had organized a recap event on August 4, 2018 to talk about some of the latest announcements. Below is the agenda from the event.


I chose the topic on “CI/CD and AKS with VSTS“. The topic encompasses a broad spectrum in itself. Below are the high level items I covered as a part of this session.

It was a more of demo focused and Zero PPT based session. Below are links for the resources used in the session

The session was well received by 80+ participants. It was a great new learning  about Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service, VSTS & setting up a simple CI/CD pipeline for deploying ASP.NET Core apps for many of the audience.