//build 2019 took place from May 6-8 where a lot of developer focused announcements were made. As with every year, from BDotNet we organized the build recap event in Bangalore on June 15, 2019. As a part of that, I gave a talk under the title “Full Stack Web Development with .NET“.

It was more of a demo driven session where there were no slides and everything was explained via a sample application. Below are the high level topics I covered in my session.

  1. What is Blazor ?
  2. What is Web Assembly ?
  3. Why Blazor ?
  4. Tools for working with Blazor
    1. Visual Studio 2019
    2. Visual Studio Code with C# extension
  5. Demos for the below items
    1. Client side blazor
    2. Debugging Client side blazor apps in Chrome
    3. ASP.NET Core Hosted Blazor application
    4. Server Side Blazor
      • How they work using SignalR & WebSockets ?
    5. Blazing Pizza App walkthrough with the focus on below concepts
      1. Reusing Blazor components
      2. Templated components
      3. JavaScript Interop from Blazor application
      4. Other 3rd party Blazor controls by Telerik/SyncFusion

I have used the demo application available at : https://aka.ms/blazorworkshop for my talk. This application covers almost all the aspects of Blazor and is a great resource for learning Blazor. We had about 80+ attendees, who made the event and especially my session very interactive and engaging.