Unicom learning had organized their first developer conference event – DevCon – at Bangalore last week (Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2016). The event spanned across 3 days covering multiple tracks like Web Con & DB Con, JS Con, Digital Con & .Net Con. I was given an opportunity to present a talk on their .Net Con track. I chose to talk on “Continuous Integration/Deployment of ASP.NET Core apps using Docker“. Since ASP.NET Core has all the cross platform goodness, it also allows us to deploy an ASP.NET Core application as Docker Images that can be run on linux based Docker containers. I found this aspect very promising and helpful as with ASP.NET Core we can build an application with Micro services architecture. I had planned to cover the below topics in my session and most of these were covered via live demos.

  1. What is CI/CD ?
  2. What is Docker ?
  3. How to use Docker container to create and run a dotnet core application in a Mac machine which doesn’t have dotnet tools installed locally ?
  4. How to build Docker images for ASP.NET Core application using Docker containers ?
  5. How to run ASP.NET core applications in Docker container ?
  6. How Container DevOps workflow is different than the traditional deployment approach ?
  7. How to create CI/CD pipeline using Github as Source Control and Jenkins as CI tool and Publishing the image to Docker hub and Deploying the image to a Remote Docker Host running on a Linux VM ?

The slide deck used in the presentation is available at :

The codebase which contains the vanilla core application that was used for demoing CI/CD is available at :


Though the event had witnessed about 70+ attendees on the first two days, due to climatic and other reasons, the turnout for the .Net Con was lesser compared to the previous days. We had about 20+ participants attending the event. I was also given a certificate of honor for delivering a talk at their event 🙂